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10 Tips to Protect your Garden from Early Frost Decimate

Nov 18, 2016

Before you know it there will be frost on the ground and your garden will be left shivering and in complete and utter shock. There are a few things you can do to get your garden ready for winter. So get out those gardening gloves and treat your plants to a bit of tender loving care. It really is just a matter of cleaning up and protecting but your plants will appreciate it before temperatures drop and the ground becomes frozen.


Tip 1 - An autumn clean

Brush the dirt and mud from your tools before you pack them away for winter. Remove blackened stems and foliage to reduce the risk of disease.


Tip 2 - Repairs and construction

Time to make those long overdue general repairs before it gets too cold to work outside. Dig over and box in your raised beds and make a cold frame.


Tip 3 - Apply a thick layer of mulch

There’s probably very little of your summer mulch left so it’s time for a thicker winter layer. You don’t have to worry about keeping the soil warm, but more an even temperature.


Tip 4 - Tidy up your perennials

Cut back dry stems and remove pest eggs and disease spores. Cut away any diseased foliage, but don’t compost it. Apply a mulch to ensure an even soil temperature. 


Tip 5 - Protect your bulbs

Mulch your bulb beds using evergreen branches as this will prevent the soil lifting and cracking. 


Tip 6 - Provide shelter for your trees

Protect tender bark from unwelcome critters with a wire wrap or tree-guard. Protect evergreens from winter winds and the sun with screens or shelters.


Tip 7 - Winterise your roses

Roses spend the winter in a dormant state, but there is something you can to do to help them through the winter. Before the first hard frost of the season spread a fresh layer of bark, wood chip, or chopped leaves as a mulch. When the ground freezes you should add a little bit more to the mulch layer, 6 to 12 inches up the cane and over the crown. 


Tip 8 - Make leaf mould

All your deciduous trees should have dropped their leaves by now, and this will provide you with all the material you need for a beneficial leaf mould. Pile them up and wait for them to decompose. It’s as simple as that. And you’ll be left with a fantastic soil conditioner. 


Tip 9 - Take care of your lawn

Not a lot to do here for your lawn, apart from taking it over to remove debris and then just stay off it and allow it to take a breather.


Tip 10 - Protect your winter root vegetables

Vegetables such as carrots and parsnips can be harvested throughout the winter. Fifteen centimetres of straw or leaves will protect them. If snow is forecast use a piece of old carpet for extra protection.

Spend some time working on these tips and your garden will be able to sleep soundly over winter and be raring to go again in the spring. 

10 Tips to Protect your Garden from Early Frost Decimate