Benefits of Gravel Beds Around your Home

May 30, 2017

Having gravel beds around your home is potentially not something that you would ever have needed to out thought into before you started your building project.

However, there are so many advantages to having gravel beds around your house, it is unlikely that you will start building without this. Gravel is a very inexpensive, accessible material, and it has many benefits when you are building or renovating your home.

It is also a material that is incredibly efficient in gardens and for small projects, as well as bigger projects building homes. There are many benefits of having gravel beds around the foundations of your home.

Have gravel beds to avoid costly maintenance with weeds and overgrown shrubs

Having gravel beds around the foundations of your buildings is one of the most cost-effective and safe methods of preventing overgrown weeds and shrubs and possibly soil mounds from infiltrating the building. If this does happen, you will be looking at a costly and lengthy maintenance process down the line, which is easily preventable with a gravel bed. Stopping weed growth will not only help with maintenance, but it will also keep the building looking tidy.

Having gravel beds stops excess moisture gathering and helps with drainage

Because gravel beds do not retain moisture, they are a good way to prevent a number of different issues that can afflict the property if the foundations become too moist. Organic mulch is a very popular alternative to gravel beds, but in the long term, this is not good for the property. Many things that can hurt the property like termites - thrive in the moist conditions that organic mulch provides. Gravel beds do not retain any moisture and they can prevent this happening.

Having gravel beds helps to heat the property

Because gravel is a solid material, in the sunlight during the day it tends to heat up during the day hours of sunlight, and then radiates this heat back when the night time hours hit. This can save a lot of money on the heating bills for the property, especially if you live in a hot country where the gravel can be heated up each day. This is also one of the reasons it gets rid of moisture under the property so fast because it evaporates.

Gravel beds provide a natural drainage option

When you add gravel beds to your property, if it is on a slope, they can provide a number of natural drainage options. If you build on a slope and you have a gravel bed, you will basically have a natural irrigation system that runs all the groundwater down.

Benefits of Gravel Beds Around your Home