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Common Workplace Injuries in the Construction Industry

Mar 23, 2017

One of the biggest concerns for anyone working within the construction industry is that of sustaining a work-related injury. According to statistics provided by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for the year 2015/16, 4 percent of workers within the construction industry sustained a work-related injury. 

Below we explain what the most common work-related injuries are, and what can be done to try and prevent them. 

Falls from heights

Accidents happen when workers fall from scaffolding, ladders and while working on a roof. A fall can result in minor injuries to those more serious involving the head and spine. Falls from great heights can also be fatal. 

To prevent this type of accident it is important that ladders are secured firmly, that safety gear such as helmets are worn, and that harnesses are fastened properly. The structure of the building you are working on should also be fully assessed before commencing work. 


Construction sites can be extremely noisy. If you are exposed to loud noise over an extended period of time, then you may experience tinnitus and even hearing loss. 

Safety measures can be taken to limit your exposure to loud environmental noise. When operating machinery, wear earplugs or ear defenders. It is also important when wearing them to be aware of your environment and to note visual clues. 

Trips and slips

This type of injury is due to the fact that worksites are made from uneven ground and have materials and tools oh the floor All of this can create a potential trip hazard. 

The first rule is to stay ever vigilant of your surroundings. Keep the worksite tidy, clear away your debris and tools, and always walk slowly. If you do see a trip hazard, notify the appropriate person on site.

Being hit by debris

Falling tools, work beams and other debris can be dropped from great heights, as well as buildings being at risk of collapsing. Injuries range from those of bruises and scratches right through to traumatic crush injuries that can lead to death. The risks to falling debris need to be taken seriously. 

The key to preventing injury is to stay safe. Wear the appropriate safety equipment, be mindful of where you walk, and alert other workers to when you need to walk under their work area. 

Vehicle collisions

Finally, this is a cause for many worksite related injuries. The site can be a busy place with workers and machines working on multiple tasks. Machinery such as waggons, bulldozers and cranes, are all potential hazards to those workers on the ground. If a collision occurs, this can result in a crush injury and even a fatality. 

To prevent this type of injury, make yourself visible. Ensure that pedestrian walkways have been constructed and be vigilant about your surroundings. 

We do hope that you now understand more about these common workplace injuries and how you can avoid them. Stay safe! 


Common Workplace Injuries in the Construction Industry

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