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The Different Grades and Uses of Topsoil

Nov 24, 2016

Topsoil can be used for numerous different tasks, such providing a nutrient-rich layer for seedlings to grow in and simply filling in a crater that has been left by digging work.

When purchasing topsoil, it is important to know about what that soil is going to be used for. The precise requirements of any landowner will differ, of course, but as there are different grades of topsoil available on the market, it is crucial to get the right grade for you. 

Grades and Types of Topsoil

Topsoil tends to be graded in terms of how 'fine' a quality it is.

The finest grade topsoil will have been processed and screened so that it is free of graveltwigs and other bits of garden debris.

Moreover, higher grades of topsoil tend to be particularly rich in nutrients, and sometimes has been deliberately enriched to make it more beneficial to gardeners. This type of topsoil is perfect for delicate seed beds and young lawns that need plenty of encouragement.

In addition, if the soil quality in your garden is poor, you can make things easier for your plants and vegetables by layering on some high-grade topsoil. Soils with high clay or sand content can really benefit from the addition of some high-quality topsoil, as they do not have a high nutrient content in and of themselves.

Lower grade, or general purpose, topsoil will usually still be rich enough in nutrients, but it will usually also contain gravel and other lumps.

This type of topsoil is ideal for landscape gardening, as it can be used to build up contours in a lawn. You may find this type of topsoil referred to as 'As Dug' as it is quite simply dug out of the ground and provided as it comes.

Finally, the lowest grade of topsoil will not have been processed at all, and it will not be particularly nutrient rich. This economy topsoil is usually very cheap and is useful for filling in holes in the garden or on an industrial site. 

Other Types of Topsoil to bear in mind

Once you know what purpose you want to put your topsoil to, and once you have got a general idea of what grade of topsoil you will require, it is a good idea to explore some more specific options.

At Wiltshire Grab Hire, for example, you can also get processed topsoil that has been certified by a laboratory to be free of toxic materials and diseases.

This type of topsoil can be used for commercial ventures, for example. If you are growing vegetables to be sold on the commercial market, it is crucial that they are not allowed to absorb any diseases or harmful metals from the soil.

So, growing them in this highest quality, scientifically screened, topsoil will not just give them all of the nutrients that they need - it will also ensure that they are fit for human consumption.

The Different Grades and Uses of Topsoil