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The different types of Heavy Machinery

Sep 20, 2016

Most citizens are happy today because of the industrial and technological changes happening across the world. But, has anyone stopped by and wondered how these majestic buildings such as skyscrapers have been brought to life?

Apart from the human resources a huge parameter construction demands, which is indeed of the most important, it also requires a ridiculous amount of heavy machinery to be standby. Such type of machinery is able to lift and carry heavy materials such as soil, stones, wood, iron etc.

But what are the different types of heavy machinery? How do you distinguish them and what do they do?


Dump Truck

The dump truck is made unique by its cylinder which does the work of lifting the back while unloading things like garbage.

Interestingly, the cylinders are designed to allow for maximum elongations of the back of the truck. It’s a perfect machine especially in constructions scenarios as it cuts on time and costs.


Skid Steer Loader

This one is quite different from other types of heavy machinery. For site constructions, the machinery provides versatile opportunities as it assists in loading machinery which is too heavy to be lifted by man or other smaller machinery. For those who love building basements in their homes then, the machine is perfect to have the job accomplished and Blog Wiltshire Grab Hire is the brand.



Most of us have seen an excavator or played with one at least while growing as a child. Considered as a heavy machinery, they serve the purpose of digging, demolitions and others with an ease that man or other types of machinery cannot perform.

Indeed, science as a field has done humanity proud because the machines work under the hydraulic principle which means fewer costs and time for me and you.


Flat Bed Truck

Well, this is different from the subsequent ones because it is just a lorry with a flatbed, meaning something flat with no coverings. It serves to make easy and reduce the amount of time used in loading or offloading goods while providing extra space for extra-large goods.


With the use of heavy machinery, men have successfully succeeded to transform specific locations into seven wonders of the world. Humanity has long changed ever since such machines were introduced.