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Do you know what Grab Hire is?

Jun 15, 2016

Grab hire is a lorry, haulage, and loader business which is dedicated to grabbing and transporting a wide variety of waste aggregates, as well as the construction industry and domestic waste from customers who are in the processes of construction work.

A lot of companies regularly provide grab services both commercially and for personal purposes so it makes it easier for those seeking their services all the more worthwhile, no matter what disposals you need.

Some domestic uses and materials that grab lorries collect include garden waste, home improvement projects, topsoil, gravel, sand, rubbish, compost and crushed concrete. There is a trained driver when the grab hire is in service. They can manoeuvre any grab load and remove the aggregated waste.

It is important to be aware that grab services are very cost-effective in that they don't cost as much as it would be to hire a skip, and are able to load and much more waste than any skip in one trip.

There are 8 wheeled grab lorries which can carry the equivalent of 3 skip loads. Much better and quicker in the long run that organising 3 separate skip loads. Grab lorries also have the ability to reach from the side of the vehicle by 7.5 metres, which is the absolute maximum available on a grab lorry. They are also able to work on the side of fences, walls, trees and lampposts, making it overall a highly accessible vehicle.


  • No need to load the skip independently, the operator will do it for you.
  • In the majority of cases grab lorries are able to remove material whilst still remaining on main public roads with no need for permits.
  • Your driveway is not blocked for long periods of time because the grab lorry isn't parked overnight. So this, in turn, stops irresponsible people dumping their rubbish in your lorry.

In addition to their large capacity to hold waste, a lot of grab lorries are also designed to be very agile, they are hugely popular for their accessibility to reach those unreachable areas.

If you are looking for a comprehensive grab hire service that can dispose of your waste without any hassles, then a grab hire is the best possible option. They cater to anyone from builders, work-from-home customers, DIY enthusiasts and those people who undertake small building projects such as driveway preparations, digging footings, building works and refurbishment.

 Do you know what Grab Hire is