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Heavy Machinery Used in Construction Projects

Sep 30, 2016

There are many types of tools and equipment used in construction projects, but some of the most essential are the pieces of heavy machinery that make large-scale construction projects possible. These vehicles dig, transport, and refine the materials that make up a building project, as well as make the construction site ready for work. Each type of vehicle has a specific and important role to play in the completion of a construction project.



The bulldozer is one of the most easily recognized construction vehicles. This vehicle is a type of large tractor outfitted with crawler tracks instead of wheels and with a large metal blade attached to the front. This blade can be used for digging, as well as for moving large quantities of soil or rubble. Bulldozers often also have a tool called a ripper in the back, which is used for breaking up the ground. Bulldozers are most often used for shallow digging and for moving and transporting soil and debris.


Road Roller

Road rollers have a distinctive look, as the cab and engine of the vehicle are attached to large rotating metal drums. These drums are extremely heavy because they are used to compress and smooth a variety of surfaces. Road rollers use these heavy metal drums to compact gravel, concrete, or asphalt to a smooth and level surface in order to construct roads. There are different types of road rollers, including ones with multiple drums and with varying types of drums.



The modern crane is a version of a machine that has been used since the time of the ancient Greeks in order to lift heavy items. Today, cranes are powered by heavy motors and use hydraulic power to both lift up huge items and to move them horizontally. There are two types of cranes, mobile cranes and tower cranes. Mobile cranes can move around a construction site, as they are attached to a tractor or other type of vehicle, while tower cranes are so large that they cannot be moved.


Front and Backhoe Loader

Front and backhoe loaders are types of small tractors which usually have a loader, or large, flat blade, in the front. A backhoe loader also has a backhoe, or deep, curved shovel on a long arm, in the back. The backhoe is used for digging into the ground, and the loader is used for scooping up materials or debris. As the loaders are relatively small construction vehicles, they can be used in areas where large equipment will not fit.


These four types of construction vehicles are some of the most commonly used types of machinery in construction projects. It is important to have the correct type of vehicle available to perform jobs quickly, safely, and well. Whether it is an extensive building project of a major structure or a small clearing job, the appropriate vehicles combined with a skilled team make for a successful project.

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