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How To Clean Your Garden

Feb 20, 2017

Around this time of year, you may notice you’ve let your garden become a little messy. Don’t worry about it, it happens to the best of us, but there’s always time to change your ways.

Making sure your garden is kept clean and presentable brings with it many benefits. It makes your home look better, you’ll have somewhere to hang out in the summer months and most importantly, it prevents your garden from looking like an out of control jungle. So how often should you clean your garden?

Make it part of your schedule to clean up your garden at the minimum every few months. This will ensure everything is kept up to scratch and it doesn’t even take much effort.

This is our short guide on some of the most important factors to consider when cleaning your garden.


Cutting The Grass

This is the first step to making any garden look presentable. Get out the lawnmower (or borrow/rent if you don’t have one, but you really should own one) and cut that long grass. Cutting your grass ensures your garden looks great and gets rid of any pests that may have been lurking.


Sweep & Clear Paths

Paths are meant to be walked on, not to be covered in muck. Sweep away any dirt or stones that cover the path then use a power water cleaner or soap/water combination to clean the individual slabs.


Remove Weeds

Weeds are unwanted plants that sprout out of your lawn or in between walls and slabs. To remove, use a hand fork to pluck them out of the soil or in between the cracks in your slabs. To prevent weeds from growing again, use a chemical weedkiller.


Store Away Garden Tools & Equipment

Invest in a garden shed to store away any tools and equipment like for example your lawnmower, rake, trimmer and so on. They just get in the way and make your garden look disorganised. If you have your bins out the back consider storing them in the garage or purchase wheelie bin storage.


Plant Flowers & Decorate

Although this isn’t cleaning your garden, it definitely makes it look better. Decide on a colour scheme and choose some plants to decorate your garden with. Another impactful way to make your garden look good is to place gravel or woodchips for path borders, place decorative items like bird baths and installing a water feature such as a pond. Of course, these will need to be maintained in the future.

Cleaning your garden may seem like a chore at times, but in the end, all the work is worth it. All you have left to do now is enjoy it. Now that you have a great looking garden, a good idea is to have your friends and family round for a BBQ to show it all off.

How To Clean Your Garden