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The Importance of Professional Site Clearance

Dec 13, 2015

In the past, the hiring of professionals specialising in site clearance was considered an expensive undertaking only reserved for very large construction companies. Today, however, a lot has changed for the better. Anyone with construction needs can easily access the service at a considerably low cost while getting the benefit of a speedy and efficient process thanks to modern machinery and equipment coupled with highly trained and experienced operators.

What Site Clearance Entails

Simply put, site clearance is the removal of all substances or machinery that may bring harm to anyone on the construction location or hamper smooth running of building activities. For instance, you may want to demolish an old and unwanted structure to pave way for a modern and more convenient building.

After it has been brought down, you’ll need to clear the site of all the debris and other materials that are the result of the demolition. You can choose to contract the same company for both demolition and site clearance services, which helps to cut down the cost as well as speed up the process for early beginning of the actual construction activities.

The Process

Prior to the commencement of the site clearance activities, the hired service should conduct a survey of the site. They should then get a report showing the materials that need to be removed as well as the means of doing it.

Additionally, it should show the work methodology, plans for disposal and recycling of the waste and any potential effects on the environment, endangered species, rare plants and wildlife and how to handle them.

Safety Measures

One of the main benefits of contracting experts in site clearing in Wilshire is less or no chances of harming the environment. For example, there may be the need to determine the nature and extent of any contamination brought by the debris and, therefore, the level of caution taken in order to assure residents that the environment is safe.

In addition, the activity may necessitate the closure of some roads while rendering others impassable or even affect the supply of clean water, electricity and proper disposal of waste.

Thus, it is important to provide an estimation of the time that will be taken in clearing the site. Keep in mind that the surrounding community would be happier if the activity was estimated to take a short time.

Adherence to Legal Requirements

Proper planning and involvement of professionals in clearing your site will ensure that you are not caught on the wrong side of the law and regulations set by building and safety authorities.

The company you contract should be able to provide advice on the disposal of waste and ensure that the legal procedures are followed.

- Remember, ignorance is hardly any defence. -

Therefore, the company’s staff should have enough knowledge and experience on the laws governing the industry to avoid delay or even stopping of the construction project.

Muck Away and Grab Hire

At one stage or another of the construction process, there will be an accumulation of waste and you will need to get rid of it. This is usually known as muck away. The waste removal services are referred to as grab hire.

There is a big difference between site clearance and muck away and grab hire in that the former is meant for paving way for a new construction while the latter is aimed at removing waste which has resulted from the actual construction work.

Remember, the company you contract for muck away should not only possess modern and efficient equipment but also be reliable in ensuring that the waste is safely removed from the site and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way while taking the shortest time possible to avoid prolonged obstruction of on-going construction work.


Since you wouldn’t like to get it wrong in the first step of your construction work, it is advisable to go for one of the best of companies specialising in site clearing in Wiltshire.

Apart from modern and efficient vehicles and equipment, Wiltshire Grab Hire has some of the most highly trained and experienced staff in waste removal and disposal.

They will also ensure that your land is in top form in readiness for construction work by, among other activities, controlling invasive plants and preparing the soil. 

The Importance of Professional Site Clearance