The Importance of Waste Management

Jul 15, 2016

In today’s world, the society we currently live in produces more waste than ever. What we do with the amount of waste produced can not only affect the environment we live in, but also the future that is yet to come. For this reason, the way we manage our waste is a really important topic that should concern all of us.


The Environment

In the past, waste management was generally perceived as a simple process. Households and businesses would just throw away their garbage and all this waste would probably end up to a landfill site (or other designated area). People stop worrying about waste, the moment they are thrown away. No second thoughts on the potential environmental harm this could cause.

Nowadays, though, views about the disposal of waste have changed. The change mainly occurred due to the awareness of the huge impact this process could have (and has) on the environment. This has led to a shift in how residents, businesses, and government view waste materials.


Managing Waste

Waste management as a process does not only include the individuals who actually create it. It also requires the active participation of the state and businesses which are in this industry. For this reason, EU created a Waste Framework Directive providing the framework upon which waste can be managed.

Here you can also find guidance for businesses and organisations on how waste disposal is regulated and what they need to do to comply.


Recycle and Reuse

While legislation sets out how we deal with our waste, being able to reduce the amount that needs to go to landfill is just as important.

Much of the waste produced is made of plastic. Plastic (among other materials) does not dissolve in the same natural materials would (ie wood, paper). For this reason, one way to do that is recycling and reusing the waste. For example, it is possible to recycle materials like glass, plastics, paper or metal in order to reuse it for a different purpose. 

Recycling not only decreases the amount of waste sent to landfill sites but also minimises the need for raw materials. Similarly, there is no need to throw away your garden waste (leaves, vegetable peelings, fruit waste, grass cuttings etc). Composting all this garden waste, you can reuse it as it as organic fertilizer for the garden.

Businesses wise, waste management provided companies with the opportunity to reuse the plastic, paper or glass for their own benefit. Recycled materials not only decreased the price of raw materials used but also preserved the environment's status to what it is today. Being able to reuse your own waste, towards your own benefit while respecting the environment at the same time, had always been the perfect combination in creating a business with the green economy.  


Disposing of waste

As mentioned earlier, waste management is important. Businesses now need to be as environmentally friendly as ever. Companies like Wiltshire Grab Hire can help you manage your waste. We can collect more waste in one go by grabbing and loading it directly onto our trucks for disposal. No need to hire those skips anymore.

The Importance of Waste Management