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Sand and gravel - what are they used for?

May 23, 2017

Sand and gravel are two of the core materials that are used within the construction industry. Both are naturally occurring minerals, and as such, are incredibly versatile in their use within the construction and building industries. Sand and gravel are used in many different ways within the construction industry. Below we share some of their various uses with you. 

The beauty of sand

Sand is available as different types and size of grains. Some types of sand are more 'rough' than others. Sand that is found naturally in T he beach is often used in playgrounds and golf courses because it is gentle on the skin. 

Concrete and road construction

Both sand and gravel are used heavily in the construction of concrete and for other road construction purposes. Very often gravel is mixed with asphalt to form a sturdy and waterproof road surface, and for other road construction fill. During the winter months, a combination of sand and gravel is also used as a layer on icy roads to improve traction. Very often both gravel and sand are also used in the production of other construction materials, such as pipes and concrete blocks. 

Roofing properties

Many people are surprised when they learn that both sand and gravel are used within the roofing construction industry. Very often these two materials are used to make roof shingles. Sand and gravel can also be mixed together to form a roofing aggregate, that can then be used to make roofing ballasts, rubber roofs and specialist 'built-up' roofs. 

Landscaping jobs

Sand and gravel are important materials for the landscaping industry. They are often used together to form an aggregate, especially for the use of private driveways and car parks. Another important use that they have is that of water filtration in newly developed plots and outdoor areas, particularly at the side of newly built roads. 

Glass construction

Sand and gravel are also used for the construction of glass. Both foundry and abrasive sand are used in glass production. What makes sand such a special material for making glass, is the quartz content (or the silica), as, without this property, there would be no glass. 

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Sand & gravel. What are they used for?