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Topsoil - What You Should Know

Jul 31, 2016

What is topsoil?
Topsoil is what you find on the very top layer of Earth. It is an organic matter that appears very dark in colour. This substance is very easy to fertilise the ground for when you wish to grow any plants. Topsoil is taken from the ground and is usually sold in bulk. It is often referred to as dirt or mud. You can buy topsoil in several different grades from many garden centres and home improvement stores. Topsoil can also be purchased online and delivered to you.

Types of topsoil
Topsoil comes in different kinds with all sorts of ph levels. It is a common myth that all topsoil is the same and can do the same job no matter what kind you purchase. However, just a few different types of soil that you can purchase from us are:

  • Screened soil
  • As dug soil
  • Certified soil

Screened soil is a soil that has been tended to so that there are no weeds, stones and other objects that can interfere with the quality of the soil. Screened soil is very sandy in texture, and is best used for rockeries, flower beds and borders. Whenever you feel as though your garden is in need of repairing, screened soil is the perfect kind of soil to do the job. You will find that your plants will grow to be much healthier.

As dug soil is a standard type of soil that has not been processed at all. As dug soil will likely contain rocks, stones and other foreign objects. This type of soil is best for when you need to fill in any excess holes or preparing any sites.

Certified soil has been lab tested and is approved as ready to use for your projects. It is top quality soil that is safe to use, as it is free of any metals and diseases. If you want the best quality soil for your work, then certified soil is the way to go.

Which should you use? Well, it is recommended that if you are looking to do any larger gardening projects, then topsoil is the way to go.

However, topsoil is not always ideal for when growing plants in plant pots. This is because topsoil doesn't always necessarily have a lot of nutrients that are capable of feeding your hungry plants.

This is when compost is most recommended, as there are more nutrients for the job.

Topsoil - What You Should Know