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What plants are the best to plant during spring?

Mar 29, 2017

During winter it is often a quiet time in the garden, the ice does not support much life in the backyard. Immediately spring kicks in, it's time when the seeds will start to sprout.
This article serves to enlighten on the ideal crops and flowers one can plant during spring. Here is a list of the best varieties of fruits and flowers to plant during spring.


Vegetables are common early spring crops that you might consider. It's advisable to plant different varieties and find those with different maturation dates. This will ensure you get the best from your garden all-year round.

Crops like peas, spinach, lettuce and leeks will grow well during this time. You can also consider planting broccoli, cabbage, radishes, kale, turnips, and new potatoes.

Horticulturalists also advise planting the crops that require a longer growing season. During early spring it's good to plant such crops as geranium, begonias, peppers, and aubergines. They will take a longer time to grow, but you can be sure to benefit from them at the right time.


By March, the bulbs which might be lying low in ports without much life are set to grow to their glory in spring. You should set out the bulbs which were forced in pots and bowls in the house.

Other plants that should be planted in spring include onions, crocus, lilies, and hyacinth. Winter aconites, tulips, and fritillaries are also great plants that you might consider for your garden. It's advisable to choose these crops according to location and soil type.

Most of them will require sunny climate and good drainage. These crops are colourful and will brighten your garden. To enjoy a striking effect of attractive colours its advisable mix different varieties of these plants. You can also consider the large, showy crop varieties, and they will add beauty to your garden. These crops can be planted under trees to brighten the lawns.

Deciduous trees and shrubs

During spring such trees and shrubs will grow well. Examples of these trees are forsythia, weigela, dogwood, and roses. The new trees and shrubs should be top dressed. If you have old spring blossoming trees and shrubs you can prune them during spring. Pruning should be done before the buds begin to bloom.

As spring progresses, you can plant gladioli, acidantheras, evergreen coniferous trees and fuchsias. When planting, try to mulch them to save on moisture and eliminate pest attack. New lawns can be sown at this time. Try to protect your young plants from birds. You can now thin perennial plants and remove dead parts from spring flowers.

In May, the temperatures are considerably warm; you can now sow biennials, Canterbury bells, foxgloves wallflowers and sweet Williams. If you have space, then you can continue to plant marrows, melons, carrots and Brussels sprouts.

The above list is an excellent guide to the plants you can sow during spring. These plants have varying needs and maturity time. When planted accordingly and provided with the best care you will benefit a lot from your garden.

What plants are the best to plant during spring?