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What you need to know about hiring a grab lorry for site clearance

Jan 17, 2017

When you need to clear debris and waste from a building site, you have two available options:  Skip hire or grab lorry.

The skip is available in many sizes, with roll on/roll off being able to accommodate large amounts of waste. But your best option under these circumstances is to use the services of a grab hire company.


So what exactly is a grab lorry?

A grab lorry works pretty much works as it sounds. The lorry grabs with its bucket the waste that needs to be disposed of and places it into the main body of the truck. 

You have the cab, where the driver sits and operates the crane and bucket scoop, with the rest of the body of the grab lorry, used to store the waste.  Once full, the grab lorry is simply driven away from the work site and the waste disposed of in the landfill. 


What you need to know about hiring a grab lorry for site clearance


There are many different types of grab lorries and grab trucks. There are different load sizes, plus varying operating mechanisms that scoop op the waste. 

There are grab lorries that feature a radio remote control system, hydraulic grabs, clamshell grabs and orange peel grabs.  You can always contact us with regards to the correct type of grab lorry to use for your particular job. 


Grab hire is more convenient than skip hire

When needing to clear a building site, a grab lorry is more efficient than a skip. It is mobile, so can quickly enter the site, clear the waste and then leave. This is unlike a skip which is a permanent fixture.

You can also clear a huge amount of waste quickly and with minimal effort, as the hydraulic crane does all of the work for you. Grab lorries also save you time, as they clear the site quickly, allowing you to continue with your working schedule. So there is very little disruption to your working day. 


What you need to know about hiring a grab lorry for site clearance


Building sites involve the removal of large pieces of waste, much of which cannot be moved by hand and thrown into a skip, so a grab lorry will be needed. Therefore, the general rule is that when you need to shift large amounts of waste, then you need to opt for the grab hire option.


The grab lorry for site clearance

When you are undergoing site clearance, your best option is the grab lorry. During the build process, there will be a build of waste, that needs to be cleared before the next process can begin, and this is where the grab lorry really comes into its own.

Here at Wiltshire Grab Hire, we have a wide range of grab lorries and trucks that are operated by highly experienced and trained professional waste disposal experts. 

For further information about our grab hire service, give us a call today or contact us via the website.  


What you need to know about hiring a grab lorry for site clearance