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Why Should You Recycle?

Sep 28, 2017

A few short decades ago, recycling wasn’t really commonplace. As we head into the 21st century, everyone is realising that recycling as much as we can benefits both the environment and our community. It comes down to what it is possible to recycle, and whether you think it is worth it.

What Can You Recycle?

Paper and Glass

The most common and cost-effective recyclable materials are paper and glass as these can be used in new products very successfully. Recycling cuts down on emissions and the cost of new materials while reducing the cost of the products that can be made from them. Paper can be recycled into books, newspapers, or kitchen paper, while recycled glass can be used in a whole host of building projects.


We all need to use less plastic if we can, but at least if it is being recycled it will not remain in the landfill. Plastic is particularly inefficient at degrading and can last for many years, something that can affect both wildlife and the environment. The recycled plastic can be remade into bottles, but it can also be used to make clothing. 

Building Waste

Building site waste can also be recycled, particularly when it comes to plasterboard which is not biodegradable. A company such as Wiltshire Grab Hire can remove and safely dispose of plasterboard to the exacting Environmental Agency regulations. In order to make sure you comply with the laws, it makes sense to have someone who knows what they are doing take your plasterboard away for recycling.

Reasons to Recycle

In order to sustain both the environment and the planet, recycling is essential. It can save energy and raw materials by breaking down what we already have. The landfills in the UK are at maximum capacity, and so obviously the less we send to them the better. By recycling we use much less carbon than if we created products from scratch, therefore reducing harmful greenhouse gases. 

Not only that but it is cost efficient as well. The act of recycling materials into new products costs less than the equivalent of using raw materials, and the new product is also cheaper to buy because of it. Therefore, we are benefiting twice from just recycling one product.

These days it is becoming increasingly easy to recycle as well, so there should be no reason not to attempt it. Whether it is the council picking up your recyclables, local centres that accept them, or companies like Wiltshire Grab Hire that will take them away for you, convenience should not be an excuse not to recycle.

Who Should Recycle?

Everyone! You will be improving your home and planet by recycling, and you can even save money into the bargain by buying recycled goods. There is no reason not to at least try!

Why Should You Recycle?