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2 months of construction in 2 minutes!

This is Brinno. A mini camera that lets you record any construction project easily.

Brinno will let you record and sort of construction project. It's a small camera, easy to set up, record and create HD time lapses.

Using 4 AA batteries Brinno lasts up to 4 moths, so you don't need to worry about finding a power outlet. 

It doesn't take long to set up the camera as it is 100% DIY with no complicated power cord wiring or complicated post processing video. You just set it up and its ready to be used. 

Brinno is suggested to anyone who manages construction related jobs so that it is quickly understood whether there are mistakes during the process or provide proof for any accidents that might occur. 

It's 112° Angle view allows you to capture more of the panoramic construction site equally and simply. It's weatherproof, captures in HD and lets you record any indoors or outdoors project.

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