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Birmingham Council to Charge Van Drivers to Use Tip

Birmingham Council to Charge Van Drivers to Use Tip

Vans being used to dump business waste will have to book in advance and pay £75 to use Tyseley tip from next month.

The crackdown, designed to tighten up rules stopping businesses using free services for residents at Birmingham's 5 household recycling centres, also means vans will only be allowed to use the tip for 2 hours in the morning and 1 hour at the end of the day.

The change comes just after the council launched a poster campaign highlighting action against illegal fly-tipping.

Lib Dem opposition leader, Jon Hunt, has said "It is time the council got serious about preventing fly-tipping. It needs to systematically catch and prosecute offenders at the same time as not turning ordinary people into criminals by making it hard for them to dispose of their waste – and with strikes looming it is a going to be a whole lot harder."

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