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Waste Crime Costs England £604m a Year

Waste Crime Costs England £604m Per Year

According to a new report 'Rethinking Waste Crime' commissioned by the Environmental Services Association Educational Trust and the Environmental Services Association, waste crime in England incurs costs to the waste industry and the taxpayer of £604 million per year.


The report states that regulation has not kept up with huge changes to the waste sector, which adds £6.6 billion of value to the UK economy, over the last two decades. The report's authors concluded "A new waste management system that allows society to use waste as a resource for recycling and recovery has opened up gaps that can be exploited".

The report found that the majority of waste crime is associated with waste from businesses, rather than households.

Rethinking Waste Crime has suggested there is no easy fix and have recommended a package of changes targeted at modernising what it calls England's out-of-date system. 

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